sometimes music does the trick

I’ve been fighting a bad mood all day. I’ve been overwhelmed, underwhelmed, tired, nervous, frustrated and everything in between. But upon getting home I started playing some Magnetic Fields, and well, things have just seemed to lift.

There is something about their lyrics: silly and yet profound. Their melodies: catchy and always varying.   Each song tells a different story and each story delights a new part of my mind.

I long for the new album, Distortion, even though I have only heard one song from it. Unfortunately, my computer can’t be up-dated enough to play the free stream of the album, available here.  But it’s cool, according to my itunes I have over 120 Magnetic Field’s songs, that’s enough to keep me in auditory pleasure for a good bit.  And over on the music blog You Ain’t No Picasso they’ve been highlighting some great covers this week.


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