goes to show 3-piece suits rock

Celia Wren may not have liked the three piece suit in Antigone but it seems Sir Marks finds three piece suits as stylish. After all, he starts his review of LIFE’S A DREAM by describing Alexander Strain as a “stylish young actor.” And it’s true at the opening this past Friday Alexander did look rather dapper in his three piece. Read the full post review.

The show is a lovely tale that picks you up and just carries you along. When plays get too text-y I generally feel myself drifting away into my own thoughts. I realize my drift and push myself back into the moment. That never happened while watching DREAM. I was in the moment at every moment and I think that speaks highly for the dedication of the cast, alexander’s focus and wonder of the tale.

Go see it! Find more info about the show here.

at Life's A Dream Opening

posing between Jackie and Matt at the opening party
photo from becky peters


One Response to goes to show 3-piece suits rock

  1. messner says:

    I think yours and Callie’s statements about the show are the only ones I need.


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