hey, my picture is in the washington post

Sir Marks attended the eXtreme eXchange/Inkwell event this past Saturday and wrote it up! And said really great things!  So congratulations to my fellow producing team and congratulations to all those who have given their talents over the past few years!

the company is a wholly welcome experiment for a city that’s too often resistant to the types of theater that critique its preoccupations, its peculiar ways and means.

Yet judging from the articulate responses Saturday night in a talk-back session after the show at H Street Playhouse, you got the feeling there is an appetite in Washington for more theater with an agenda.

Tautly rolled out in just over an hour at H Street for a capacity crowd, the playlets, in all their rawness, managed to feel like something authentically of this particular time — and place. The intriguing question arises of whether the process and material could be developed further — or whether it best remains entirely of the instant.

Read the full article/review and see my picture here!

There is room in this town for this kind of immediate, passionate and ‘disposable’ theater and I predict that it will continue and grow. We have exciting things planned for the rest of the year and great people involved so keep your eyes open. If you want to be added to the eXeX mailing list email me and I’ll get you on it.


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