happy webiversary to me

I started this blog one year ago with this post. Since then I have had 222 posts, 127 comments and over 7,000 views.

A Year in Words from Hanvnah (featuring way too many links):

February 2007: I reviewed some plays, I did some shopping, I blushed

March 2007: I reviewed some more plays, I reflected on my relationship with Israel

April 2007: I saw Jarvis, and some other concerts, I went to Helen Hayes, I worked really really hard

May 2007: I saw some theater, I opened Either Or and started work on Pangs

June 2007: I celebrated my birthday, I worked really really hard, Saw plays

July 2007: I worked really really really hard, I reflected on Israel

August 2007: I went to Spain, I had fun

September 2007: I celebrated holidays, i was paranoid

October 2007: I studied for the GREs, I saw some concerts, I took a no buying vow

November 2007: I studied hard and rocked the GREs, I surprised my Dad, I was sad, I was extreme, I reflected on the left.

December 2007: I worked on applications, I saw and worked on theater, I reflected on 2007

January 2008: I finished applications, I did stuff for fun, I saw theater, I got attention, I reflected on theater, I gave in.


One Response to happy webiversary to me

  1. Congratulations on a spectacular year of blogging goodness! I only wish I could be as prolific as you. Alas, it would seem my achievements in alcoholism often occupy an awesome amount of my hours. Not that I’m making excuses. Just pointing out how much more awesome you are.

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