I am at a loss, I just can’t seem to get excited about either of the democratic candidates. I’ve been watching my friends choose sides. Facebook alerts me to the news that this friend is a fan of Barak and that friend is a fan of Hilary. In my crowd there seems to be a definite lean towards Obama and my Obama friends are more active in their support. I have received, I kid you not, three emails from friends telling me to vote for Obama or with the Obama commercial attached . But I’m having a hard time being won over by either side.

Here’s the thing: I’ve never been a big Hilary fan. I do think it’s about time for a female to be in power, every other country in the world can do it, even the most conservative and religious, yet we can’t? But she is a part of the establishment. She has been a part of the problems of the past few years. Yet, the more I hear about her policies the more I side with her. She is clear in her opinions and I believe would fight for them. And universal health care in this country would be a miracle.

Obama’s biggest complaint against Hilary*was her record voting for the war. I was against the war, many people I knew at the time were against the war. But I’m not sure that’s important. We got into the war, it happened, it sucked, it continues to suck real bad. Yes, we need to get our troops out, but we need to leave in such a way that inspires peace. We need to promote peace. We need to not just leave these poor people whose lives have been destroyed and say “oh well, our bad, catch you later.” It doesn’t matter who voted for the war years ago, it matters who can get us out in such a way that we don’t make it even worse.

And as for Barak, in 2004 when he spoke at the Democratic convention, he knocked my socks off. I felt goosebumps and hope (hope that was dashed when Bush won again, but that’s another story). He is very inspiring, he is an amazing orator. But I’m not sure that’s enough, and I haven’t been proven yet that there is much more there. I’ve watched the debates, I’ve read the speeches and I still don’t really know what he stands for besides looking/sounding good and wanting a change. I want to be inspired by my leaders but more importantly I want substance. I don’t want to vote for someone because I get sucked into the media frenzy, I don’t want to be manipulated by sweet lines about change, hope and ‘yes, we can.’

Obviously some confusion exists in my mind. Hopefully I can spend the next week tracking down more information on positions and more facts. I’m afraid voting for Clinton is voting for more of the same that has plagued America and I’m afraid voting for Obama is voting for the show, the bright lights, the fancy words and little substance. I want to vote based on issues and intelligence. I don’t want to be sold anything and I don’t want to feel like I’m settling.

*can I also just rant for a second about how uncomfortable I feel calling one candidate by their first name and one by their last. It should be Barak and Hilary or Obama and Clinton, yet neither seems right. Darn that Clinton for having an ex-presidential husband with the same last name.


3 Responses to super-smuper

  1. michelle says:

    you have Electile Dysfunction – the inability to get excited about either candidate

  2. germy says:



    obama channels kennedy and king. everytime I hear him I get the sense that he is absolutely what the country needs, but then I keep listening and the tiny little practical voice keeps saying “yeah, but umm. how?” how will you get all this wonderment accomplished, dear sir?

    whereas, clinton knows this system. she is more likely to wrangle and scrap and make the ugly sort of compromises that we’ll all hate but will actually get something done. Though I’m worried about the cross aisle contingent that is so stridently anti-her. Another “contract with america” seems imminent, if she does manage to mobilize her base more than she mobilizes the conservative one and get elected.

    i feel like i’m making a decision between my inspired, idealistic hopes for the country and my realistic expectations of getting dirty and getting work done. i want both.

  3. natalia says:

    i’m very undecided too. today i took a online candidate test and i scored equally for hillary and obama… how’s that supposed to help?
    i’ve been thinking hillary for weeks, then i think on super tuesday i would have voted for obama, today i’m totally hillary’s… we’ll see what tuesday brings!

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