catching up with the jews

there have been some stories I’ve been following but haven’t posted. waiting for the time to make them into a larger post, but it’s not going to happen. As I quickly read through the 60+ blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader, I star articles of interest to me planning to go back to them when I have more time to read through. Like this morning, when you can see as below, I’ve woken up with pep.

So here are some jewish themed stories that interested me enough to come back:

– Jewschool had a posting on a hotel in Belgrade where each suite has a different theme. Their top priced suite? The Hitler Suite.  Obviously people are upset. Truthfully, I’m somewhat amused at the disturbing kitsch of the idea, though in practice thinking about someone sleeping under the portrait of Hitler is way creepy. And the manager’s response when questioned is really disturbing “The manager also said Hitler isn’t the only controversial leader. He mentioned one Serbian man who didn’t want to sleep in the Bill Clinton suite…”

Heeb’s blog called my attention to HBO’s buying up of ideas from Israeli TV for their own shows. The president of HBO is quoted in the Times as saying “I don’t know what’s in the drinking water there…But for as tiny as that country is, they make some interesting television shows.” um, really? really? You can’t understand why Israel has focused their attention on to the arts? you can’t understand why a country that has been a target of terror, filled with people who see the horrors that they themselves are perpetrating,  a country filled with a history that burns, a country filled with people who have developed amazing mental survival skills, can’t understand why they would channel it all into great theater or film or tv? oh, it must just be something in the water.

– An orthodox institution in Jerusalem has started ordaining women as rabbis.  Jewschool pointed me to an article on Slate about the pros and cons of the decision. The writer noted that despite the giving of the title of rabbi, the ordained women will still not be treated equally within the orthodox system, “The title rabbi does not mean that these women can go to any Orthodox synagogue and have an equal chance—or any chance—of being hired as a rabbi. In fact, at those synagogues, the title is likely to be held against them.” But it seems to me that any move toward equality is a good move.  Judaism exists on a continuum each year moves are made to adjust the religion to its believers.  Women began to be ordained about thirty years ago. Women in the conservative movement only began to be ordained in my lifetime.  It won’t happen in every orthodox movement perhaps never in the ultra-orthodox movements but I feel certain within my lifetime we will see women ordained in the mainstream modern orthodox movement.

I think that’s enough of catching up on my starred posts for now. Though if you want to keep clicking around check out the Theater J blog for some Jewish mother stuff and a short write up of Ari’s roast. Plus the J has started an overarching blog so check that out as well –


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  1. thinkingarthur says:

    Too many blogs! I don’t get anything done any more. Continually getting blogged down.

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