full of morning pep

I tend to consider myself a morning person, not that I don’t like to sleep. I just find my head much clearer in the mornings. I love that I don’t have to be at work until mid-morning. The earlier hours are my time. I drink my tea, eat my cereal (hot or cold), listen to npr, read the news, check blogs and write here. Having that time makes me feel (and i know it sounds somewhat odd) civilized. It takes me out of my head and dreams and makes me confront the world prepared.

Last week poet laureate Charles Simic was interviewed in the Times. I’m charmed by how he describes his morning routine:

What kind of mood do you wake up in on most mornings? Full of pep! I get up at 5. I turn on the computer, and I start reading newspapers, and within a half an hour, I’m so full of energy and anger and ready to start the day.

How do you wake up?

3 Responses to full of morning pep

  1. gwen says:

    I have an extremely hard time getting up, but I think maybe it’s because I don’t want to go to work. And lately I wake up a lot in the middle of the night.

    these days, I have five alarms set – a radio and a beeper on my clock, and three phone alarms. they go off in a succession, about three minutes apart, starting at about 7:45. I usually end up hitting the snooze on the beeper – it’s across the room so I have to get up and walk over, and then I run back and hide in the warmth of my bed for another eight minutes. Today this went on for about a half an hour.

    On weekends I am much happier and usually wake up remembering some sort of very complicated dream that fades in ten minutes. I like mornings but it is difficult to drag my consciousness out of sleeping mode.

  2. germy says:

    i wake to morning edition. if its an especially interesting bit, I could wake up at 7. if its traffic or similarly uninspiring content, i’ll snooze. this often goes on for 40 minutes at which point I dart from bed to shower to clothes to work, half asleep and harried at the same time. Until I’ve had my first cup of coffee (always the first order of business when I get to work) I’m unpleasant and barely cognizant of my surroundings. this morning, especially so (watching the returns come in last night until stupidly late was not as good of an idea as it seemed at the time)

    on unbusy weekends i have two bowls of cereal over cartoons.

  3. natalia says:

    the last two gradschool years have been weird for me and my morning routines.. but when i used to work, and now that i have an internship 3 days a week, i find that there’s a certain number of things i must do before i leave my apartment, and these are things i usually dont do if i have all morning.
    let me outline. things i do before going to work: shower, 1 minute hair dry to remove excess water, put body lotion on*, put on first face lotion*, make coffee and breakfast, prepare to go snacks, eat food part of breakfast, take vitamins* and allergy meds, take coffee into bathroom to drink while i do other things, put second face lotion on*, get dressed, put third face lotion on, second quick hair dryer minute, put make up on, do my hair with flatiron plus other products, brush teeth + floss* + mouthwash* and done. if i don’t do all that i feel totally rushed and incomplete and like its the job’s fault.
    all the * things are things i usually don’t do if i have all morning… i mean who is compulsive or disciplined enough to care for one’s skin that much????? not even me when i have time.

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