things to be excited about

I’m very excited about this video from the band The Epochs. It’s not just because they are creating an interesting take on modern funk but because it’s Ryan and Hays.  And check it, Ryan’s been doing a little online journaling. way to go Field kids!

And speaking of Field kids, today is the first day of our Field intern at the J. For two weeks the students get internships instead of going to class. Most years, I remember I worked on the play (what a surprise) rather than go to a job, but I did have a great internship at the Portrait Gallery, I think when I was in eighth grade.

Other things, I got to see the Brothers Size last night, which I am really thankful for. I was sitting in my office, late in the afternoon, chatting with my coworkers about all the stuff there is to see right now:

“I really want to see The Brothers Size,” says I, “I wonder when it closes. Let me check right now. Holy …! It closes Sunday! AH! When will I see it? I must write my contact at studio right away! It’s sold out all week! Standby tickets, tonight, great! Disaster averted.”

Tonight: A night at the J. We are leaving work early for a happy hour to celebrate our survival of the roast. Then returning to work for the Playdate performance of 25 QUESTIONS.  Playdate is our under 40 night out with cheap tickets (only $25) and a post show reception, featuring free booze. If you are under 40 and want to see Judy Gold, this is the night to do it.

Friday: It’s been a while but I am going to services. This week’s Tikkun Leil Shabbat is featuring speakers on Fair Trade, in particular of the chocolate world.

Saturday: I’m hoping to go see Swimming in the Shallows. If not this weekend then soon. I saw the reading last year and found it a very charming play. There’s nothing better than falling in love with a shark. And when the shark is played by this guy, well, can’t miss it.

Monday: I’m going to most likely be at the J Monday and Tuesday nights for our workshop of Brownie Points. But Monday night is also a chance to support Cap Fringe and Fringe artists:

DATE: February 11, 2008
TIME: 7:30pm – 11:00pm
LOCATION: Warehouse, 1017 7th Street, NW
MORE: 10 actors will race through 90 minutes of scenes and short plays by DC Fringe artist and local playwright Callie Kimball. The evening will include six 1-minute plays that premiered at The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn last year.

Fellow Fringer Josh Lefkowitz is coming down from NYC to perform in the reading, which also will feature Woolly Mammoth company members Kimberly Gilbert and Michael Willis, as well as Kimball regulars Rusty Clauss, Mary C. Davis, Suzanne Edgar, Lindsay Haynes, Steve Lee, Alex Perez, and Kim Tuvin.


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  1. Come on down after your reading!

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