indecisive as always

any of you who know me well, know that making choices, not so much my strong suit.  So, my indecisiveness is making me question at the moment if I should even go vote. I would have to go soon, and I still don’t know who I want to vote for. I’m leaning in one direction but don’t feel strongly enough either way. Which I guess in someways is a good thing, no matter who wins the nomination I’m perfectly happy to support them and do all I can to get them elected. So does my vote today really matter? Am I voting for anything rather than just to vote? But I do love being in a democracy, and the feeling that even though my voice is teeny-teeny-tiny especially being in DC, that i still have it. I am proud that I can go and vote: democracy in action. And, it is rare, that the DC vote matters much and everyone is saying now, today, with the country still as indecisive as me, it does.

So, what to do?


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