diverse stars

Congratulations to Obama for sweeping the area’s vote (and if anyone was wondering, I did go and vote). This has been a busy week thus far, though enjoyable, doing the type of work I love with awesome people.

Anyway here are some more interesting things from blog postings I starred when I was too busy to read:

yummy shakshuka recipe on The Jew and the Carrot. My mom has made this delicious warming tomato and egg Moroccan delicacy on numerous occasions and though I have yet to make ‘real’ shakshuka I love poaching an egg in spicy tomato sauce eat it with some crusty bread and pretend it is real. I’m going to keep this one starred and try the recipe myself.

-Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over the Sea is ten years old. Stereogum honors it with a large post and a bunch of videos. It is still, without a doubt, one of my favorite albums.

Boing Boing pointed me to artist Lori Nix who builds intricate imaginings of worlds and then photographs them. You can see most of her work here and DC gallery Randall Scott had her work in October, I wish I had known since it’s right next door to me. Just shows I should keep my eyes open when I walk past art galleries. I love this type of work it reminds me of doll houses which were always less about playing with the dolls and more about setting up a parallel universe, a world of the imagination.

– Also, Radiohead tour dates were announced with tickets going on sale this weekend. I really want to go, I haven’t seen them live since the Tibetan Freedom Festival in 1998 (and if you visit the link do note how Pulp was in the lineup, they were also at the 1994 HFStival and I have no memory of seeing them, my obsession grew a year or so later, darn it). I had a ticket to a Radiohead show 5 years or so ago that got canceled so yup. I will be buying me a ticket.


2 Responses to diverse stars

  1. germy says:

    good for you on the voting. it took me like a solid 10 minutes in the booth to connect the two arrow ends.

  2. messner says:

    I just started learning In the Aeroplane on the guitar the other day. It’s not hard at all, but still, I never bothered to figure it out, even though that Neutral Milk Hotel album is one of my favorite albums ever!


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