things to be excited about

Today: I’m very mixed on Valentines Day. My bitter cynical half hates this day of manufactured love and my romantic half is, well, romantic.

gwen’s posted links to other anti-valentines day cards if you feel like not declaring your love today.

Tomorrow: Swimming didn’t work out last week and I’m very excited to see it this week. I’m particularly excited for “suave Patrick Bussink” in his wet suit. swim, swim, swim…

Saturday: I’m hosting a clothing swap brunch. Really it’s an excuse to get a lot of awesome women together, drink mimosa’s all day long, and go shopping without breaking my vows.

Sunday: I’m not working the matinĂ©e! woo! I can sleep in! But I will be at the J in the evening for the night showing of 25 QUESTIONS followed by a reception for HRC.

Monday: is a holiday. That is unbelievably exciting.

Tuesday: going to see Black Mountain and Bon Iver at Rock and Roll Hotel.

Wednesday: going to see Argonautika. I worship at the alter of Mary Zimmerman and looking forward to seeing her newest.


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