extreme fashion rules

I’m getting closer to my March 1 able to shop date. I am approaching the date with both excitement and fear. I don’t want to jump back in to my former mode of acquisition. Yet, I am excited to start spending time browsing vintage on ebay and etsy again. This past weekend I hosted a swap’n’brunch, which was a deliciously girly affair with flowing champagne, clothing piled high, and Pride and Prejudice on TV (I really haven’t felt that girly in years).  I did good in the swap, only taking a handful of very wearable pieces and getting rid of much more than I gained.

Looking around my closet, which is huge and still overflowing, and looking at my equally overflowing shelves I know there is still more to get rid of. And I know it makes no sense after the March 1 date to add much more to what there is. I think I need a clear set of rules about what to buy and how to rid myself of the excess. I would love to have a wardrobe that is clear in it’s style and point of view. It’s always been my dream that I would be able to mix and match every item I own on any day. A wardrobe so well put together that if I grabbed items blindfolded I would still be chic, unique, timeless and comfortable. That is my dream wardrobe.

New York Magazine takes a look at a  handful of artists who have taken their wardrobes to extremes by adopting one monochromatic look.  These people are doing what I could never do, I love pattern too much. But a glimpse inside their closets and inside their dedication to color is inspiring. And who knew stephen merritt only wears brown?


One Response to extreme fashion rules

  1. Becca says:

    oh wow! i sat across from the green woman on the train! she was so cute. there was a dude who asked about her outfit, but she just said….i wear green.

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