i worship at the alter of mary zimmerman

walking out of the Shakespeare Theater last night I saw the lunar eclipse, it was beautiful, awesome and wondrous. It was exactly what one would expect to see after just experiencing the artistic and spiritual high of good theater.

Argonautika is Mary Zimmerman’s adaptation of the stories surrounding Jason and the Argonauts.  I love that it is not her goal to tell a brand new story. She is an adapter, she is a storyteller in a continuation of storytellers working her way through old myths and finding new relevance. I won’t give a full review though you can read Sir. Marks’ here.  I will just say, that what Mary Zimmerman creates is what theater is supposed to be. A magical journey that tells a story in a new way enabling you to connect to your world in a new way. Her work is purely theatrical: visually, emotionally and verbally stimulating.


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