things to be excited about

Late with my excitment this week. I had a hard time getting very excited about anything yesterday. One of the bluest days I’ve had in a long while, but that’s enough about that.

Friday: We are doing our monthly Tea at 2 reading today of the first new play in almost twenty years by Vaclav Havel. There is an amazing cast and I’m curious to hear how the script plays.
Tonight the Epochs (see previous excitement) are opening  at the black cat.

Saturday: A trip to the library to do further research on early Christianity is in the plans. At night is another interesting concert at the cat, Daniel Johnston and Benjy Ferree. In other news of excitement: my friend brian is down from New York and so at some point we will be playing catch up on our lives, I’m guessing with drinks in hand. We are also having a good bye party for Judy Gold so I’m hoping to stop by that as well.
Sunday: Judy has two final shows and then we say goodbye to her and the great run we have had.

Monday: opening night of Major Barbara at STC. I’ve never been to an opening over at Shakespeare and still haven’t been inside of the Harmon Center so I’m excited.


One Response to things to be excited about

  1. Nick says:

    Um, I might go see Daniel Johnston…

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