movies and music

I didn’t watch the academy awards last night. I had a hard time getting excited when I haven’t seen any of the nominated films. It seems that it was a good line up, there were great movies this year, and I’ve seen not a one of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to make that up as things come out on video. I’ve been thinking more and more about starting a netflicks account in an effort to boost my cinematic education, which has taken a bit of a break.

However, I was thrilled this morning to find out that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won the Oscar for best song. It is so rare that good songs are even nominated and to have an Indie artist receive such a mainstream honor is even rarer. The thing I love the most, is that the song, though accessible was not written to be a mainstream song, instead to fit this quirky alternative little movie. Bravo!

Here’s a clip from the show last night. Glen and Marketa look classy, snazzy and still like people I would love to be friends with:

and while we’re talking about music videos, here is a video that my friend Brian Szente made for the band The Sun:


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