bits and pieces

tired and busy. worried and stressed. tired and busy. worried and stressed.

That’s been more or less my life for the past couple of months. and this, this, is the home stretch. A week from today I will take the train up to New Haven and after an interview and time spent with a friend, I will, that night, take the train back to DC. A couple of days after, I will take the bus up to New York, hang out with friends and go to interview number two. And in that time I will start rehearsals for the next show at Forum (expect a very exciting blog post from me on the forum blog within the next 24 hours). I will also read 25 ten minute plays for Source, see at least three plays and get ready for The Price to open at TJ. Oh, and getting ready for the Playdoh Golem workshop (I created my first Facebook events page yesterday and a group page for Theater J, I am so unhip).

I’ve been starring blog postings like mad the past two weeks and I still haven’t had time to fully go through all I want to. In particular there are some really interesting discussions about the future of American regional theater but I just don’t have the time to fully read and analyze it all. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to wade through the various ideas and opinions.

Slate has a great article on Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) and his post-In the Aeroplane Over the Sea disappearance. I have more or less had the souring sounds of the albumn in my head since the previous post on it and it seems from talking to friends that it’s spreading.

In other music news, the blogs are a-twitter with new songs from The Boy Least Likely To and band that is very likely to make me smile every time I hear them.

In the world of fashion blogs I was happily reminded of my pre-teen idolization of Clarissa Darling. Really, that was a great show, for me, at that time, in the continued growth of independence and creativity and not caring about having to fit a certain mold. Is it on dvd? ’cause really, I’d love to revisit it.


One Response to bits and pieces

  1. germy says:

    cool article on mangum. i had almost escaped the aeroplane’s embrace, but now its all i can do to not put it right back on.

    the last boy least likely to album made me smile all the way through it. I immediately discarded it. cute overload.

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