hanvnah puts on her game face

Tonight is about preparation and relaxation. I am forcing myself to go to bed before midnight. i am cutting my nails to a respectable length and covering them with a layer of clear lacquer.  I am packing my handbag full of scripts, books, pencils, a change of shoes and a copy of my application.  I am going through my closet while praying to the wardrobe gods to shine their light on the perfect interview outfit.  I went to the gym and produced worthwhile sweat. I am watching a movie that always, always, always makes me smile (and contains the best brit pop soundtrack). I am working on Judas, which helps to remind me no matter what there is work I enjoy.  I have eaten a wholesome balanced meal. I haven’t had a drink in over a week. And I’m remembering to breath.

And tomorrow. I wake up real early. I sit on a train for 5 hours. I have lunch with a friend while talking about Christian theology. I sit in front of a panel and talk about myself and dramaturgy for forty-five minutes or so. I make them all see how much they want to work with me for the next three years. I get back on a train for 5 hours. I return to my bed.

did you get that dear friends and loyal readers? Ten hours on trains. Jeeze.


2 Responses to hanvnah puts on her game face

  1. michelle says:

    Call me when you are done. Good luck!!!!

  2. natalie says:

    Ohhh yeah!

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