things to be excited about

My apartment is a mess, I’m not excited about that. My fridge is empty, I dreamt last night about grocery shopping (i kid you not, i bought broccoli rabe in my dream).  So, I’m hoping that somehow I can carve out some time for myself this weekend.  I hope to go grocery shopping, I hope to clean, I hope to do laundry.

Judas seems to be coming along well but I haven’t had much of a chance to make it to rehearsals. I’m hoping that tonight after a production meeting for The Playdoh Golem I’ll be able to catch the tail end of rehearsal. I will be at the rehearsal Saturday and in the meantime I have rehearsal report questions to answer. What sort of questions you wonder?  Well, the most recent rehearsal report asked be both “Any historical references to Judas’ mother?” and “What is your interpretation of “Pimps up, hos down.”‘ Do I have an awesome job or what? man, I love me some dramaturgy.

Other than that in the weekend I’ve got a birthday party to attend, I’m hoping to spend some time with my sister and her boyfriend, I’m leading a post-show discussion following The Price, and I’m really excited to go see Stunning at Woolly.

Then next week is all Golem all the time. It’s the first thing I have really fully produced, just about, on my own. I like the script, I’m excited to be working on it, but I’m a little (I lie – a LOT) nervous about how it’s going to all come together.

Maybe I should  change the name of this post from things to be excited about to things to be nervous about.


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