the stars think i’m cute

I admit it. I read my horoscope daily. No, more to admit: I read 3 horoscopes daily. I don’t fully believe it all, sometimes it does feel like things are written that are so generic they can be applied to anyones life if you think about it. But I do think there are energies that are beyond our ken, that influence our moods. I don’t think a horoscope can accurately predict what is going to happen to me but I do think they are usually good at knowing how I will react to the things around me.

That all being said, one of my daily horoscopes today made me think the stars were hitting on me:

CANCER (June 22-July 22). You are wildly, unfairly attractive these days. You have more power in relationships than you know what to do with. Be merciful with your influence. Compassion boosts your karma. (from Horoscopes by Holiday)


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