it’s not easy being green

i’ve never been to Ireland but it’s always been a place I’ve had very warm feelings towards. I have a number of friends who feel very connected to the green isle, either because of family heritage or personal choice. My parents went a number of years ago and returned with photos and tidbits that made me very jealous. And Irish music, well. My junior year of college a friend made me a mix tape, an actual tape, that had a combination of contemporary indie and Irish music. She has since moved to Ireland and I’m sure I would have discovered the music eventually anyway but I was glad to be introduced to them by someone who loved the country and culture so much. Music videos and more

Some Frames:

Damien Rice:

Oh, and even though St. Patrick’s day is a Christian holiday I like to think about the history of the Irish Jewish community.

I just had an idea. I started reading Ulysses a few years ago but never made my way through. I think it should be a goal to finish reading it by the time I leave DC for school.


One Response to it’s not easy being green

  1. shirley says:

    I made it about 1/3rd into Ulysses in the fall. What say we read it and discuss/decipher together this spring?

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