things that make me happy

I’m no longer panicking, my nerves have subsided. My shoulders are so much lower than they have been the past few weeks. Things are good. Things make me happy:

– getting into school makes me happy since I am no longer in limbo, not knowing my location next year.

– being in rehearsals make me happy in particular when it’s for shows I am excited about (golem & judas)

– working with friends (and family) makes me happy, laughter can only help a rehearsal process and going out after rehearsal is just fun

– musicals make me happy, always have, always will and in particular when they are slightly twisted

– getting good news makes me happy – theater j won the DC Mayor’s Arts Award for Excellence last night!

– knowing I am working on something that will make other people happy makes me happy (come one people buy your tickets for Playdoh Golem already)

– purim shpiels make me happy.

– this video makes me happy:

– a new song from Jarvis makes me happy


One Response to things that make me happy

  1. shirley says:

    Having a smart dramaturg makes me happy. Okay, yeah, and our new Sam fellow makes me happy.

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