hebrew school flashbacks

Working on the Playdoh Golem gives me flashbacks. It’s an odd thing since the playwright is Catholic and never experienced the pain of weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly hebrew school classes. Yet Shawn has managed to write the voice of high school age Jewish boys and girls to the t. Of course my flashbacks are also aided in part by having my sister and Dan Eichner in the show. They were both there with me in my Hebrew school days, my sister two grades up, Dan one grade lower. Just as in the Golem I was a part of a Hebrew School clique. There were three of us at the core: Sarah, Jessica and me. We were not the coolest kids, not in hebrew school and not in real school. We were all a little nerdy for judaism, and we were obnoxious. I remember that very clearly. We were rude to most of the other kids which I still feel horrible about. But we were there for each other. I’m only peripherally in touch with them now but when we see each other there is still this odd bond. We certainly grew up together.  It was a weird thing, Hebrew school, these weren’t my closest friends, I had a whole other group in High School. I had a whole different personality. In High School I was the artsy girl. I was popular, in my own sphere at least, I was inclusive, I was not obnoxious the way I was at Hebrew School. It’s an odd double life to remember. Maybe when this project is over I’ll write something more in depth up about it (off-blog). But for now, it’s time to head over to the J. Time to finish rehearsals, put on a show and have a party.

Hope you can make it!

One Response to hebrew school flashbacks

  1. michelle says:

    here,here. This show was very theraputic…and a special shout out to all the obnoxious hebrew school boys…who i now know were secretly in luv with me…

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