things to be excited about

my helen hayes dress arrived in the mail. I’ve assaulted everyone who’s come into the office with it’s teal girlie fluffiness. To my eyes the dress is one of those things I could never have picked off the rack for myself. The lingerie inspired structure of the bodice and the flounce of the skirt would totally have intimidated me but once on it seemed very right and as one of my coworkers called it, very me. But that’s enough about a dress I’m not wearing for another month.

Ok, excited about this week

Tonight: I’m working which is good because it got me off working my usual Sunday shift which enables me to be in two days in a row of Judas rehearsals. I may after the show starts head down stairs to see what the conversation is like for Rapid Responsa: An Open Discussion About Barack Obama’s Speech on Race & Resentment. (more info on that here)

Tomorrow: Dinner with friends I haven’t seen in a long while. We are going to Pasta Mia where I have never been.   It’s long lines have always discouraged me but it’s on my list of ‘places i want to eat before leaving DC.’ So, it is exciting.

Saturday: Judas all day. Depending on ticket availability,  I’m  hoping to go to Constellation Theater’s opening of Brecht’s THE GOOD WOMAN OF SETZUAN

Tuesday: My last annual Gala at the J.

Wednesday:  Jens Lekman is back at the cat!


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