if i had the time (or if i were a playwright)

I’ve been finding interesting stories everywhere. Stories that if I had the time, or the drive, to sit and write I would craft into fascinating plays. Maybe at some point, maybe next year, I will have the chance to transform these bits into something more.

Two of the stories came from my Dad’s postings this week. On his books blog he talked about a brochure he has from the 1939 Worlds Fair and let this piece of information drop:

My mother visited the fair. She was in the Czechoslovakian exhibit at the very time the staff was told that Hitler had taken over the Sudentenland. She said that the shock and tears were unforgettable.

Wouldn’t that be a fascinating play?

On his personal blog he mentions the chorespondence my cousin found of her fathers time during WW2. If I really had the time for it, I would read them all, transcribe them all and look for the stories within them to tell.

My dad isn’t the only source of stories this week. Boing Boing pointed me to this article about sisters rescued from a circus in Italy:

A spectator tipped off the police after watching, Giusi, the elder girl, try to escape from the piranha tank as her head was allegedly held down.

Her sister Olga was bitten by snakes that she was forced to drape on her body, and she had injuries to her stomach where the snakes had wound themselves too tightly around her.

Is that drama or what? If that ‘spectator’ was the lover of one of the girls I’m telling you, it would be a hit play.

Jewcy introduced me to the story of Farris Hassan, who at the age of 16 ran away to Baghdad and more recently posed as a Jew in an Arab-American community to learn about anti-semitism. If someone hasn’t already bought the rights to this kids life for a movie I would be very surprised. I’ll be curious to see what he does next.


One Response to if i had the time (or if i were a playwright)

  1. thinkingarthur says:

    Here’s another one for you. We learned today that Leoncavello originally was going to call his opera “Pagliacco”, meaning “one clown”, but that the baritone, who was quite an egoist, insisted that if the opera was to go on, he would have to be mentioned in the title was well. Leoncavello retitled the opera “Pagliacci”, “more than one clown”. A double entendre, to be sure, but also a great basis for a play.

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