boys will be boys

Last night I saw Lord of the Flies and remembered how much I love watching men/boys interact. It feels against my feminist instincts – I want more shows for women! – but maybe it’s about watching the other, whatever it is, I am fascinated by male interactions. Of course the story of a group of british school boys stranded on an island suits me just fine. And seeing the madness unfold with such tension, fear and emotion, well, bravo to the actors.  There also is something gleeful about seeing a bunch of boys break into a dance break, or two or three (though as mentioned by a fellow audience member, it works much better in the second act than the first). But all that being said, what I am really impressed/fascinated/horrified at, is the length that actors go to for their roles.

I’m not talking about all the freshly shaved bodies, though as impressed as I am you all grabbed your razors to help you look you younger, really shaving, eh, I do it all the time.  I’m talking about how actors, male and female, will exert themselves physically to the point of exhaustion and pain and yet do it all again the next day…and sometimes twice in a day.

Bless you actors, bless you.


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