infused with a love

In the first moments of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Judas’ mother describes her joy at the birth of her son. She was ‘infused with a love beyond all measure and understanding.” That indescribable transcendent love mirrored my own Sunday night as we opened the show.  This play hits at something very deep and very rich. It strikes directly to who we are, to how we view the world, to how we should treat others and to how we view a higher power.

The brilliant thing about the play, is that it doesn’t tell you that there is a right and wrong. It is certainly from a Catholic perspective, but every single person I talk to, of every imaginable religious (or irreligious) background, has felt deeply attached to the story being told. It isn’t just a distant story of religious history, it is here, it is today it is us. And it is funny, so very fucking funny.

But the love I felt Sunday night goes even deeper. It is why I do theater.  There is something that is shared in those moments in the dark when you are close enough to see the actor’s spit, when you are close enough to see their breath.  An audience doesn’t seem so far from the actors. Everyone is involved together. And Sunday was that more than ever. Having so many friends in the house, listening to their laughs, and being able to become engrossed in something despite having seen it multiple times, despite knowing the words practically by heart, was chilling and exciting and thrilling.

One of our first reviews, from DC Theatre Scene says of the show that “it could change your life.” I think they are probably right.  (read the full review

I am incredibly excited as we go into our rounds of OpenForum discussions in the next few weeks (first one Thursday). If you are in DC, come see this play. (buy tickets here). If you are not in DC, come to DC, see this play. It’s running through May 4. And I’ll be there as often as I can, ‘cauze this is a feeling I want to keep. 

Oh, and keep reading the Forum blog as we post responses to the show from the actors, company, production team and audience. – If you’ve seen the show and want to post on the Forum blog just let me know!



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