sure sounds good

My msn horoscope today sure makes it sound like the Helen Hayes are going to be a blast tonight –

Your horoscope – Today, April 28, 2008
Your relationships with just about everyone – friends, lovers, children, colleagues and even strangers – should be smooth, warm, and supportive today, hannah. Feelings are easily expressed, though more on a subtle than a verbal level. New business opportunities may open up through contact with new and interesting people. Social events and group activities should therefore contribute more to your personal growth and emotional well being than they usually do. Make the most of them!

and my igoogle horoscope is in agreement (though warns me to watch myself)

You may want to do something memorable with your friends today, and you could gain a lot by going out and getting wild. Just make sure that you are with people you trust before letting go of your regular inhibitions. Giving yourself permission to go beyond your usual limits can open up the possibilities for pleasure as long as you don’t take it too far.


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