in the meantime

I have things to write. but at the moment not the time. Here’s the super short version.  I love my friends. Really deeply terribly love them all. Sunday night I cooked. People ate and drank wine. It was lovely. Monday night the Helen Hayes.  They were fun as always. So much drunken, smiling, pretty dress fun. I have photos. They can be seen here. Last night was Mark’s birthday, I ate lots. Tonight my friend’s band plays the Black Cat. I’m totally excited to see her rock out. And The Last Days of Judas Iscariot closes on Sunday. Friday night is already sold out and other shows are selling really really fast so if you don’t have tickets yet BUY THEM NOW.  Best bet is Sunday night at 7:30 a newly added show. Oh, and there is new interesting stuff up on the Forum Blog.


One Response to in the meantime

  1. hpmelon says:

    I look alternately drunk or like I am about to bitch slap someone. Both of which could very well have been true. Very fun time. It’s all about the shoes!

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