things to be excited about

It’s May. And no matter what on the first day of May I can’t shake this song: I haven’t watched the movie in years but this clip really made me want to see it again, so deliciously sixties.

Tonight: At the J to watch the wander probe for DAVID, the first time the actors will have the full band with them. The show is coming along but it’s a huge project. I’m very proud of Theater J for taking the risk with it. Going across town after to H Street for the post-show discussion after JUDAS.

Tomorrow: Eddie Izzard at DAR.  I saw him live maybe 6 years ago when he was doing A Day  in the Death of Joe Egg, in the West End. I’ve never seen his stand up live but am excited.

Saturday: I’ll be at the matinée of JUDAS and hanging out after with a friend down from NYC.  And speaking of the Forum Hit Play, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, as of my writing this we have 2 tickets left for the Saturday matinée and less than 20 tickets left for the Sunday 7:30 show. AND THAT IS IT. IT. FOR THE RUN. SOLDDDDD OOOOUUUT. UPDATE: As of 12:40 pm today we are now officially SOOOOLLLLDDD OUUUUTTT.

Sunday: I’ll be at both Sunday shows, a discussion following the matinee and then the last show of the run.

Tuesday: Dress Rehearsal for David In Shadow and Light

Wednesday: Pay What You Can for the wild, huge, epic, musical wonderment on biblical themes: DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT at the J. UPDATE: We are no longer having previews this week.  The show is so huge we decided we needed a bit more tech time. Previews will start on Saturday, with a pay-what-you-can Sunday night.



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