in my brain

I’ve been avoiding my blog a little bit. Just not sure what to say. This is the problem with a blog. I’ve always wanted to avoid it becoming a diary – i did this, i went there, i ate that, i spoke to them. And I certainly have no interest in it being about my emotions and fears – too personal and raw to put up into the world. I’m really starting to realize how much this writing is out in the world. I know some of you readers but some of you I have no clue, and that’s okay, it just makes me want to hide a little bit of my life.

There are bigger themes I’d like to explore here but work and life have been keeping my brain too busy to be useful for blogging. I’d like to think that eventually I will write interesting composed thoughts on subjects that fascinate both me and you the reader but in the meantime here are just some totally random thoughts and links not related to anything:

Judas has ended with an amazing sold out weekend. There are some new posts up on the Forum blog including a comment from our playwright!

The DCeiver is wondering if you lost your flip flop on the metro. The good news is now you can wear shoes that will stay on your feet and you can get in to the black cat.

One of the things I love about DC is the lack of earthquakes. Earthquakes go directly toward my fear of being off balance. Not so happy that they seem to be popping up in the area

My not spending much money thing isn’t going well, which makes me nervous for next year. I think it’s the weather. I want to wander the streets of DC, and wandering leads to eating out and window shopping. I haven’t been that bad, money is going mainly to food but I’ve been feeling the shopping itch. I’m trying not to buy clothing and instead get myself excited about sewing projects. But sewing projects totally lead to desires as well. For example, I really want to take a trip to Bethesda to visit this store and pick up lots of vintage buttons. I would love to re-button all my old cardigans, coats and shirts. I want to spend weeks sewing vintage buttons on this. I miss sewing.

And in the world of things I really don’t need –  I totally want a Mii doll

And in the world of awesome presents, I just wanted to cheer Natalia for coming up with an amazing idea for a birthday present for Alexander. Natalia set up a fundraiser through the nature conservatory to buy trees. $1 for a tree. She spread the word through Alexander’s friends, unsure how much people would donate but expecting maybe 100 trees or so. But people responded and in Alexander’s name over 500 trees have been planted.  It’s such a great idea and so nice that so many people responded.

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