soaked to the bone with a smile

those of you who are in the washington area know, it’s been raining. I’m not talking a little. I’m not talking on and off. I’m talking about a constant downpour of water. I’m talking flooding. I’m talking wind blowing the rain in all directions. I’m talking massive deluge. And last night I was in the depth of it. 

watching Radiohead in the rain

There was never a question of not going to the radiohead concert. It’s radiohead, when you get the chance to see them you stand in a muddy field, you embrace the rain and wind. You watch the show. And it was a great show. The music was beautiful and soaring and emotional and nostalgic and new and vibrant.  Thom Yorke’s voice was strong and powerful and soft and majestic. The lighting and video effects were A.wesom.e. awesome. But unfortunately they didn’t make use of the side screens so all focus was on the stage, so small from where we stood in the mud.  When the view wasn’t blocked by someone’s umbrella, I was able to see clearly both the effects and the band on the stage.

But we were soaked. I was glad to have brought rubber rain boots to wear to the concert. Having dry shoes in the car for the ride home was very well worth it. There is also nothing like bounding through mud and puddles without being worried about ruining something. The downside was that my right foot seems to be smaller and water seeped into the boot creating a puddle inside. Getting out of the Nissan pavilion parking lot was hell. Rain was still falling hard and after 45 minutes or so of not being able to pull out of the parking spot it seemed chaos broke loose with cars moving in any direction possible trying to get out. Finally an hour or so after we got in the car we were able to get on an actual road. By the time we got back to DC about an hour after that our hair was dry but that was about it. My poor car now has damp seats and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that mildew won’t develop.

Lessons learned from the journey – you go to a radiohead concert. no. matter. what. but you think twice before going to see a concert at nissan pavilion.

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