I guess I was a little clueless at the Radiohead concert. I knew the traffic was horrible, I knew the parking lot was a disaster but I got to see the show and I got home. I saw the potential on the fields for hypothermia and I saw the potential on the roads for accidents but I saw none of either. I had a good time, a very memorable experience and though I shivered a lot I laughed a lot as well.

It seems my friends and I were lucky. Others had horrible experiences and there are obviously many angry radiohead fans out there. Yesterday my blog had the greatest number of hits I have ever recieved with people searching for things like “radiohead nissan,” “radiohead concert rain” and my personal favorite “radiohead nissan floods biblical may 11.”

I read the comments on DCist (they used my picture from the show in their ‘review’) and the Washington Post has a little bit on people’s experiences. And a review of the show.

Anyway, sorry upset and disappointed visitors who landed here on a random search. I hope all of your future concert going experiences are filled with clear sky’s and sunshine.


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