things to be excited about

I came back to work yesterday, after two days at a conference in Michigan, to find a pile of horrible reviews for David In Shadow and Light. Not just bad reviews, not mixed reviews but horrible reviews with almost nothing positive to say. We are shocked. Mixed we expected, reserved we expected but this we did not. The play is not perfect we know, but it’s a new epic musical and even with all the time that went into the rehearsal process more time would be needed. It really makes me think about the need for reviews on something so new. Reviews have the power to kill a show and a show like this should not be killed. The audience is still enjoying it, they are still moved and entranced. And it should have a life beyond our production. The next production would be so much stronger with all that has been learned here. Nothing is absolute, nothing is finished and it is a disservice to the artistic minds involved to give them this stamp of disapproval and leave it at that. The show is new, it is unique, it is filled with love.  It is like nothing I have ever seen. I stand by it and for it.

Tonight: Post-show discussion with the actors following David. Just waiting for some random audience member to ask ‘how do you deal with all of the negative reviews?’

Tomorrow: Crumble (Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake) I am very excited to see this show for so very many reasons!

Saturday: I’m hoping to make it a double theater day with the matinee of Mad Breed at Active Cultures and the late showing of Myth-Appropriation at Rorschach.

Sunday: back to the J for the matinee and a post-show discussion about intonations of homosexuality in the story of David and in the Bible. Followed by what memorial weekend is made for, a cookout with beers and burgers.

Monday:how did I not realized I don’t have work on Monday? so very excited. no idea what I’ll do with my time. sleep? clean? laundry? grocery shop? figure out what I’m going to wear to my friends wedding in a couple of weeks? the possibilities are endless.


One Response to things to be excited about

  1. Lee says:

    Hey on saturday we are doing the same thing only that we are doing two shows and then booking it to the late show of Mythappropriations.

    Hope to see you there

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