it must be summer in dc. my legs are covered in bites. itchy big red bites. and i know that even those these will disappear in a week they will be replaced, mosquitoes really do love me,  and on it will go until summer ends. and at that time i won’t be in dc any more. my last few months in dc will literally bite.

i’ve been feeling a bit frazzled lately. maybe it’s the bites, or the fear of the unknown, or spring fever, or my trying at the same time to do to much and to do to little.

with all of the frazzledness I’ve been taking comfort in nostalgia. Not just any nostalgia but high school nostalgia. that time ten or more years ago. I was in high school from 1995-1999.  i actually enjoyed for the most part my high school experiences. I was lucky to go to a school that was small, artsy and urban. We were cool, we were dorks but it didn’t matter that much. the clique’s existed but where the standard high school clique’s involved groups of jocks or groups of nerds or groups of pretty girls who always got the boys (in some realms cheerleaders) the field school, which i called my high school home, had maybe two jocks, maybe three nerds, and four of those popular girls.

In pop-high school terms i was probably the artsy kid, surrounded by artists we would sit out on the lawn or in a little hallway we had claimed and sketch each other, or talk about what Shakespeare monologue we loved the best, or talk about punk music, or ska.  we wore flannel and polyester.  i did not own a pair of jeans. in the years 1994-2000 there were no jeans in my life. now that feels so odd. I wore vintage mens pants or corduroys.  My favorite places to shop were the vintage clothings stores that then dotted adams morgan and my dad’s closet where i would pull pants and cardigans.

anyway, i’ve been remembering those days. frequently now as my facebook friends increase by adding and being added by those i haven’t spoken to in 10 years. we get the updates now but really i still haven’t actually spoken to them, the internet is so odd.

i’ve been remembering those days as i played the name game at a bbq with another alumni who was in 9th or 10th grade when i graduated. it felt a little odd to be recognized but fascinating to see she remembered all of my friends and was fascinated to hear updates. and it went the other way around as she started telling me names i hadn’t heard in so long but still resonated

my roommate has also been getting My So Called Life on netflixs. and that show. wow. takes me back. Watching it really feels like glimpsing back at a time in my life. They are clothed in flannel and polyester.  I was not Angela Chase. I did not go to a high school like the large one they went to. I had no Jordan Catalono, which really is a good thing.  But there is something about watching that show that just takes me back in time.

One Response to bites

  1. stacey says:

    wow, memories. I definitely remember a time when I didn’t own a pair of jeans either. I was all about the pinstripe pants and the cardigan sweaters and the thrift store tees. But you remember that.

    my most favorite memories from field are:

    – painting the carriage house together for the Jazz ensemble or My Fair Lady or Hamlet or whatever was going on in there

    – lunches in that tiny, useless hallway (remember when it was REALLY small? and then the rennovations happened and suddenly it was twice as big and able to accomodate everyone comfortably?)

    – Art class with Martin

    -biology in the basement of the old building with Evan. I still have a drawing that you did once of him. it is hilarious.

    there’s so many more, too. oh, how I loved Field and every second I spent there.

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