RIP Yves Saint Laurent

last weekend at my parents house, i pulled out one of my favorite coffee table books. It lives at their house because really it’s just too nice for my apartment where a coffee table becomes a dining room, craft and everything else table. The book is black and shiny and has a protective cover. You take it out and the pages are filled with gorgeous images. The book is an Yves Saint Laurent retrospective- covering his career from the 60s through the end of the last century. Of course there was still more to come out of him in the past 8 years.

What really stuns me about the pictures in the book is how he was able to always be a couple of steps ahead of everyone else, and create new trends and yet create clothing that was so wearable that every single piece could be worn today.

The Washington Post has a nice tribute focusing on the influence of Yves Saint Laurent on fashion today (both in terms of business and style).


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