c’est mal ma francais

c’est tres tres mal, alors, je compris d’accord mais je parle miserables. (and I’m sure I don’t write so hot either)  A french foursome walked in to the JCC speaking not a word of english. and it seems I was the only one who spoke more than a word of french. So I spoke with them for about a half hour. Or rather they spoke to me. And I am happy to say that there were maybe only three or four words they used that I didn’t know. But I am unhappy to say that I stumbled over every single word I said and probably never once used correct grammer.  So there is good and bad. I can understand french well enough to hear all about this womans shop, where she lives in paris, that she has two children who live in israel and one at home with her, that they went to the national gallery today and liked the french artists the most and that they couldn’t find any food near their hotel.  But I was unable to fully converse and that was disappointing. I stumbled stumbled along. I think I need to spend time in France or maybe even Quebec and get more comfortable opening my mouth.

By the way, if anyone is planning a trip to Paris I  now have like 8 cards from this woman’s shop.


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