just what i expected

Adam Green - 6/3 - Black Cat

the adam green concert the other night was great. I have a hard time describing his music and his personality. It’s unclear how much is an act and how much is real and with his music it shifts quickly between serious and satirical and constantly skirting the line of totally inappropriate – which i love. The music shifts genres quickly many of his songs remind me of jacques brel and scott walker in their dry almost folky commentary,  others feel very hipster indie, and yet others sound very 50s rock and roll. His personality reminds me of so many others I know: very much the same generation as me (he’s only a month older), smart, self-important, self-deprecating, humorous with a generous pinch of insanity.

I took a bunch of pictures through out the show which are up on flickr. The Washington Post reviewed his show today.
Adam Green - 6/3 - Black Cat


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