things to be excited about

Today: I need to get away from my computer and pack. then go to work for a few hours. then the metro. then the bus. then the subway and then glorious Astoria with Becca.

Tomorrow: I’ll hopefully be able to sleep in. I need some catchup time with a bed. then hit New York, see many friends. Tomorrow night I’m going to Hot Rocks which sounds like my dream dance party, plus three bands, plus drink specials, free beer and candy, that is put together by an awesome lady.

Sunday: Sarah and Geoff, friends from SLC, get married!

Monday & Tuesday: Shavuot, which means the J’s offices are closed. I get back Monday evening and am going almost straight to rehearsal for Marat/Sade (which I will write about soon). Tuesday I’m planning on eating blintzes with my Mom for lunch and then that night back to rehearsals.

Wednesday: Is my final council meeting at Theater J. TJ’s council is made up of some really wonderful people and I’ll be sad to say goodbye. I think we are also officially handing over part of my job that night. It’s exciting knowing who is taking over the dramaturgy/programing part of my job for me but emotionally it is very difficult to actually give it up and hand it over. There is so much more I wish I had the time to do. ah well.


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