maybe I’m just special

i have a bump on my head. I wasn’t born with it, it just appeared one day. It actually appeared in the early years of college and then disappeared Junior year. About 4 years ago it showed up again.  It’s directly in the middle of my scalp an inch or so above my hairline. When it first arrived my Mom liked to compare it to an ushinisa (a wisdom bump, on Buddha’s head).  I prefer to call it my Jew horn (what? you don’t think that’s funny?) or call myself the last unicorn.

i have had a similar bump on my arm since I was a child and doctors when asked have all said the same thing – if it’s not bothering you leave it but if you want we can cut in and pluck it out. No thank you. I’m not interested in scalp surgery. Usually, it doesn’t bother me at all, except when I try to wear a headband that doesn’t sit right. And I know it disappeared on its own before so I assume it will again. But two days ago it started hurting and the skin around it feels more stretched and tight than it has. So I’m doing the heat pad thing in the hope that this is just like Junior year when it will dissipate on its own. But I can’t help wondering as it throbs if my brain is about to give birth. Maybe Athena is getting ready to burst through my skull. Maybe I’m Zeus. Hmm… Probably not. What it really is is probably one of these, but that’s rather unromantic.


One Response to maybe I’m just special

  1. Gwen says:

    um. I think we are physically on some sort of creepy lump wavelength, because two days ago my jaw started hurting and the left side of my face is all swelled up. I think it’s a lymph node or something. we need help.

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