politically disturbed

the guys who live in the apartment above me have put a McCain sign in their window. I have never been one to push my political beliefs on my front lawn, t-shirt or bummer. But I feel like I have to do something. I am disturbed by the idea someone would walk by my apartment and think I was a republican. I need to get a giant Obama poster. Though I wish I could just go upstairs and kindly ask the republican gents to keep their political views off of the window.  Somehow I doubt they would comply.

In other news, it is Pride weekend which is always a busy time in this ‘hood. I’m disappointed that I’m going to miss the Pride parade this year. In particular because it’s the first time a Jewish presence has been included. The parade has always been held on a Saturday and Jewish groups have chosen to not march, since it is Shabbat. But it has always felt like a glaring omission when church after church after Christian organization walk by and there is no Jewish presence around. This year GLOE (the GLBT group at the J) has decided that they will join the parade and help show that there is an active queer jewish community.


2 Responses to politically disturbed

  1. germy says:

    bah. i’m disappointed that you would want them to take down their poster.

    You should get an Obama poster, though.

  2. hanvnah says:

    I know I’m disappointed in me too. I am a strong free speech supporter but there is something about having the sign over my window that makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s more that I have no interest in putting a sign up in my window. I would prefer to keep my window in its function as something to see out of. The fact that I would need to put something in my window to balance what they put in theirs just seems silly.

    I guess I wish I didn’t care if people walked by and thought I was republican. But I do, especially in this town.

    Oh well. I only have two more months living there.

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