time flies

a week from today I will enter my late twenties. Twenty-six is still mid but Twenty-seven is late. I’m not saying I’m old, it’s just that I can no longer deny that I am an adult. Even heading back to school, I am heading back as an adult.  That means something to me, in how I act, in how I carry myself, in how I respond to my life and it’s at the same time exciting and scary.

Other scary thing, people I know giving birth.  An old college friend just had a baby and one more is pregnant! And speaking of pregnant this story from Gwen is a must read. I swear you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Back to the flying time, every time I open up my little moleskin datebook I feel my heart speed up. The days and nights are packed and the time is going to go by so much faster that I would like. And soon, I’ll be up in New York, which is again awesome and scary.

Before the move happens though there is still much going on. Like Delusions of Spandex with Fringe (tickets go on sale monday and I am totally going to give more info to you blog readers), an eXtreme eXchange show (which I will be writing for) and Marat/Sade.  I’ve started up the Marat/Sade blog entries so don’t forget to keep checking the Forum Blog.


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