ten to go

ten days left at theater j. I’m counting down and trying not to go too crazy.  I am also doing some counting down on the theater j blog. also, I’m totally brain dead today. my dad’s post partially explains why but it doesn’t include the wake up i got at 3 am from some random person banging on my motel door. swell. oh, and the missing bag – is mine. which means that I don’t have my cell phone charger (if the bag doesn’t show i’ll go tomorrow and buy a new one) and my phone is now dead. it also means, if the bag is gone forever that i have to say goodbye to some awesome costume jewlery (not worth much but fun), some wonderful vintage (including a great new sundress) and the most comfortable heels I’m sure I’ll ever own. fingers crossed for the bag to reappear.

tomorrow maybe i’ll talk about my love affair with seattle.


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