4 days until Fringe starts:

Dorks on the Loose has been getting a lot of press (weekend section, washington times interview) which is really exciting. It’s all because of the name but even so, hopefully it will lead to ticket sales and we’ll have a good opening weekend.

Fringe time is always very exciting – there are so many people – so many performances. It can also be a little overwhelming.  The question always being asked is, what should i go see? Obviously my first answer is my stuff (Dorks on the Loose, Marat/Sade, eXtreme eXchange) but there are soooo many things to choose from. And so many great people working on shows.

So what to see? You can always check the City Papers Fringe and Purge as they cover the festivities (scroll down to the last entry from 07 and you can see anarchavist doing his own fringey karaoke at the losing party).  You can choose based on friends and people who you have seen before. You could go with a play you are familiar with. For me, I think the exciting thing about Fringe is the opportunity to do work that could and would not be seen otherwise.  I am uninterested in seeing a full length traditional play.  Plays get produced every single day at a multitude of theaters in the area, I see them all year round. In Fringe I want to see a mixture of genres, an experimental energy and shows that challenge how I think of theater.

Based on a quick perusal of the massive listing the shows that entreating me the most are:

Dizzy Miss Lizzie’s Roadside Revue presents The Oresteia – greek tragedy and burlesque seem to be a unique and original idea
I Like Nuts! (The Musical) – a silly idea but may just be a blast
Los Hijos del Limbo – it’s described as neo-latino vintage cha-cha-cha
Manifesto! – dada punk happenstance. must see.
Power House: The Techno Dance Along Show – a show where the audience must keep dancing.  I like theater. I like to dance.  I like Gwen as a DJ, hells yeah i’m totally there.

8 days until I say goodbye to Theater J and become unemployed.

10 days until Marat/Sade opens at Forum Theater

12 days until we have our final Dorks on the Loose show at midnight

14 days until eXtreme eXchange launches the survey results (TAKE THE SURVEY NOW) and we get our writing topics.

19 days until I sell most of my belongings

20 days until the eXtreme eXchange show

22 days until I need to be out of my apartment

23 days until I visit Andrea in New Mexico

49 days until I need to be up in New York (hopefully with a place to live) for orentaion

56 days until classes start


One Response to countdown

  1. simone says:

    when will you be coming to see SKIN? I hope that makes the count down! i miss you H dog

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