this is going to be fun

I am busy, busy, busy, busy, but in a good way. In an excited about what I’ve got going on way. In a I’m surrounded by awesome people and am just going to enjoy it way. This weekend I will not think about school, I will not think about cleaning and packing up my room, I will not think about the future, I will only think about the fun awesome busy things I’ve got going on.

I will think about Delusions of Spandex. The girls arrived last night and it’s so great to have them in town. I have no doubt that the weekend of shows is going to be a blast. Don’t forget, you can buy tickets to Dorks on the Loose: It I Awkward in advance online or just come down to the Warehouse and buy them before the show.

Last night being at the first in-the-space rehearsal for Marat/Sade made me very happy. The actors involved, about 20 of them, have all created such wonderful, fascinating and complete characters which is really exciting. The script of Marat/Sade is a show within a show and the text is mainly the script written by Sade performed by the inmates. There isn’t much for the actors to go on when creating their characters so it’s really thrilling to see such complete storytelling. There’s about a week until we open and I’ll be in and out that whole time when I’m not Fringing.  I brought my new computer to rehearsal last night and blogged a little bit. The most exciting thing about my new computer – the battery lasts for over 5 hours, since my old computers dies after 5 minutes it’s truly an awesome thing.


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