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Modern Life: ‘Dorks on the Loose’:

IT’S THAT TIME of year again: the dog days of summer when the theater kids come out to play in droves. We’re talking, of course, about the Capital Fringe Festival. One of this year’s most anticipated performances is “Dorks On the Loose: It I Awkward,” put on by the comedy duo known as Delusions of Spandex

The Bleeding Edge: The Capital Fringe Festival

Also touching on history is Forum Theatre‘s performance of Peter Weiss‘ “Marat/Sade,” which depicts a performance of a play Marquis de Sade wrote at an insane asylum. The play raises questions of equality and power in society.

“It takes these historic events and allows for a new perspective of some big, universal ideas about how we live,” director Michael Dove said in an e-mail interview.

Audience, beware: “The actors are pretty excited about finding ways of ‘reminding’ the audience that they can be seen and are in a room with lunatics,” Dove said.

How lucky am I to be working on such different and interesting things with such awesome people at the same time !?! I woke up in such a great mood today – Fringe Festival Bring It!

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