the revolution is on its way

at Marat/Sade tech rehearsal this morning and doing a little live blogging of it at the forum blog. so check that out. I’m really excited for the show. It’s in great shape. All the work now is really tiny fixes, getting the show really tight. i think it’s a great follow up to Judas, really showing what we can do as a theater. 

beyond the show there are some very exciting things going on in my life:

– Last night’s Dorks on the Loose: It I Awkward had almost no free seats (i think i only saw 2), it was a great crowd, great laughs and Phaea and Becca are having a fun time at Fringe. We got a nice review on Fringe and Purge.  As a producer, I couldn’t be happier. And really randomly an old high school friend showed up!

– I have only two days left of work and feel like both of my replacements are well trained and ready to take over and rock the J. 

– I just bought bus tickets to take a 12 hour trip to NY and back to see an apartment. It seems very promising and I hope it works out. Fingers crossed, I’d like to have a place to live. The downside is that I’d have to start paying rent for August, which doesn’t save me any money but oh, well. It’s better than having to move up there and do my first week of school without a place to live.


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