liz lerman: seven ways to be creative

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange sent out with one of their mailings a poster listing “Seven Ways to Be Creative.” I find the list very inspiring and placed it above my desk at work. I am leaving it there for my successor and hope that dance exchange doesn’t mind my recopying it here so I can remember it and hold the advice close.

Seven Ways To Be Creative
{According to Liz Lerman}

1. Rattle around in someone else’s universe.

2. Embrace paradox. Hold two ideas in your head at once. Find something to respect at both ends of the spectrum.

3. Recognize that originality isn’t the whole story. Copy.  Make variations. Develop. Diversify.

4. Frame it bigger. Frame it smaller.

5. Turn discomfort into inquiry.

6. Think inside the box: Let limitation spark inspiration.

7. Add meaning. Subtract meaning.


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