this, that, lack of sleep, this, that

It’s been a busy busy week, successful, exciting and fun, but busy. The week to come will likely be as busy with eXtreme eXchange kicking off tonight. I’m also going to attempt to see at least 4 fringe pieces, pack, run errands i’ve been putting off, make sure all the details of going back to school are in order, and spend quality time with friends. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it, though that could also be because I woke up this morning at 5:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. And this is after getting only 4 hours of sleep the night before, sigh. Hopefully there will be naps in my future.

Over the past week here some things that have caught my interest:

Karl (who is doing brilliantly in This Storm… at Rorschach) over on Blogomatopoeia has been doing some intense and interesting blogging recently. His posting Against a National Theatre is worth a read. I don’t know if I agree completely with all of his analysis but I admire and applaud the ideas and passion. Theater is at a point of change, in needs to be in order to survive. We are trapped in a system that is unfair to artists and mediocrity tends to reign supreme. Karl also spent some time on his blog this week talking about This Storm…, and the questions it contains: conflict of Jewish identity, the discovery of god in the everyday/the everyday in god, love, sex and madness. Worth a read before or after going to see the show.

It’s a chair and it’s made out of books! Though truthfully it looks kind of sad to me. Knowing the books are now unreadable and used only for sitting. It’s a book graveyard chair.

The awesome, funny and missed Natasha has been blogging about her experiences teaching English in Japan. Though the post that attracted my attention this week was a listing for a concert in Tokyo. It’s a huge lineup of international artists but I noticed the last artist on the list, a small Japanese band who’s name is “jew’s-ear.” I’ve never heard the phrase before but in doing some intense online research (a visit to wikiopidia) I find that Jew’s-ear is a type of fungus used in asian cooking, named because of the tree where Judas supposedly hung himself. hmm. still, not a good name for a bad, or a fungus for that matter.

Stereogum reminded me of one of my favorite bands in high school The Squirrel Nut Zippers

dc theater folks, is it just me or does the waiter look like Clay?

And Fabulist! showed me this beautiful new video from Fleet Foxes:

And now I’m off to work my way though my wardrobe putting garments in one of three piles: keep, give away/sell, and mend then decide. I am now set for an apartment in ny but will have very limited closet space so I’m paying close attention to what I’m holding on to and the best way to store it. Just today the Thoughtful Dresser pointed out one woman’s intense but awesome way to store scarves. Scarves are a huge problem storage wise for me, they get organized for a minute but always end up a huge mess of fabric on the floor of my closet.


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