guess what, it’s still fringe

Did you know? Fringe is still going on. Yup. So here is what I’m seeing this week. Tonight at 5:30 pm Prototype 373-G. People who have already seen it are telling me good things and it’s chock full of awesome actors. Then at 7:30 pm I’m going to see Manifesto! from Happenstance Theater. I’ve loved their other work and once again, it’s filled with awesome actors. (do I use the word awesome too much?) Tomorrow at 5:30 I’m seeing Patrick Bussink’s one man show [eureka] over on H street, then staying to do a post-show discussion following the Marat/Sade performance. Friday I’m going to the 10:00 pm Power House and am gonna dance up a storm. And Sunday, I’ve written a short play for the 4:00 pm eXtreme eXchange show at Woolly Mammoth. So that’s pretty fringe-filled of a week.

I woke up again at 5:30 this morning and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. awesome.

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