goodbye room

this is the last morning i will sit in this apartment, tea in one hand, with the other on the key board. This is the last morning I will sit at this desk, in this room, looking at this window. Goodbye room. Goodbye apartment of the past 4 years. Three different roommates have come and left (two left at least), I stayed, until now. In my time here I’ve had the washing machine start smoking, the ceiling fall down, at least two floods, yearly air conditioning breakdowns, oh i do love the place.  Then there is a neighborhood, a street filled with interesting characters, those I talked too and those I didn’t. A beautiful street, I love Corcoran. The season on this street are beautiful, the trees, the architecture. And the neighborhood, which in the four years I’ve been here I’ve seen change completely but it still feels like home.

oh well. moving day. tomorrow then off to new mexico for a week. Back in the upper NW for almost two weeks and then up North to the apple, the big one.

In other news:

Fringe is over. eXtreme eXchange was great. The final show of “Dorks on the Loose” was fun (as can be seen by these pictures).  Marat/Sade is wonderful and powerful and important theater:

“Combining delirious visual imagery and an original score by Jesse Terrill, this musical retelling of the French Revolution makes you think the world might be better off if the lunatics ran the asylum.” The Washington Times

“Michael Dove’s adept staging here is easily Forum Theatre’s most ambitious effort to date…rich, multilayered performances turned in by every principal member of the large cast, starting with the Marquis himself. Jonathon Church is mesmerizing.” DCist

“Go and be terrified by this not often produced, memorable masterpiece.” DC Theatre Scene

Marat/Sade is another large-canvas undertaking and again, [Forum] asserts its value as a showcase for strong, emerging talent.” The Washington Post


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